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Baby Romaine_HASE

High Altitude Season Extenson (HASE)

San Miguel and West Montrose Counties Extension is part of team of Mountain County Extension Offices that was awarded an Innovation Grant from Colorado State University Extension to do a study growing vegetables at high altitude in raised beds using different season extension techniques. The other grantees are Eagle County Extension and Teller County Extension. Our beds are going in behind the San Miguel County West Wing (Fruen Building) in Telluride and was planted in
early Spring of 2011.


HASE Lettuce Beds_2014Green Beans_2014 HASE

Clockwise from the top:

  • spring and summer lettuce
  • growing green beans

Waters Greens

Clockwise from the middle and bottom:

  • watering winter greens
  • the beds in winter
  • new Solexx covered beds

HASE BEDS_2014Solexx covered beds_2014

Cool Season Crops grow best (yield and quality) under double layer of Dio-betalon and 30% row cover fabric;
Warm season crops grow exponentially better under cover but the Solexx greenhouse cover produced best.

High Tunnel

CSUE Norwood Community Garden
High Tunnel 2012 Season Results



2014 heirloom corn varieties and repeat of winter squashes – growing inside and outside Corin in High tunnel_2014(7/21/2014)High Tunnel_2014

Bottom left to right:
2013 winter squashes
2012 Eggplants and peppers,
2012-2013 fall and winter greens

winter squash_2013Eggplants & Peppers

Fall Greens




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